Birthday, Mother’s Day, intimate confessions, Valentine’s Day, no occasion, apologies?

We create exceptional bouquets every day, for exceptional receivers, and deliver them to a designated address in Poznań and the surrounding area (50 km).

Each bouquet has a unique card, with content written by the sender or chosen from our suggestions.

Orders may be placed by e-mail: biuro@kwiatyimiut.pl
or phone: 501 407 882

How much does it cost? The total cost depends on a bouquet. Please check >> here what our original flower arrangements look like.

Delivery costs

In Poznań: for orders exceeding PLN 200 – delivery is FREE

Poznań Jeżyce (district marked on the map below): for orders exceeding PLN 50 – delivery is FREE

Flower delivery in Poznań – PLN 20

Flower delivery in the vicinity of Poznań – individual cost estimate (3 PLN/km on average) We execute non-standard orders (express delivery) – delivery cost is estimated on an individual basis.


The line marks the border of Poznań Jeżyce area,
where we deliver bouquets to you without extra charges.