Taste, form, design – men have influenced our desires in these fields for centuries – to taste new meals, follow fashion or change hairstyles.

KWIATY&MIUT flower shop has become a part of this trend – this is a place where designs are created, powered by male imagination, enriched with artistic vision and masterfully presented. Created with the love for flowers and because of the love for flowers. Balm not only to women’s hearts. Or maybe MIUT?

Łukasz Marcinkowski and Radek Berent, originators and creators of this place, are an extraordinary duo, combining knowledge, experience and, above all, exceptional artistic taste. Łukasz has been dealing with floristry for over 14 years. He had begun in high school, so it is not surprising that he chose to study gardening, and then – furniture design at the Academy of Fine Arts (yes, he designed the furniture in the Flower Shop himself!). Radek is a photographer, a graphic designer and a visionary, who searches for art in every detail, even a functional one. He does not take shortcuts, and that is why he creates the image of the flower shop with true passion. Please see his photographs of designs created by Łukasz.

Yes, KWIATY&MIUTT is a place where you can find functional art, and where you can make use of art.
Flowers, Furniture, Inspirations, Gifts, Textiles…





portraits: Agata Marszałek