Wedding bouquet

A Bride’s bouquet is the most important element of her outfit – it expresses its character.

That is why we strive to make each bouquet we prepare to be unique. We design bouquets with the use of natural seasonal flowers and we import plants from around the world on request.

The kinds of flowers in a Bride’s bouquet usually become the leading motive of the ceremony, so our offer also includes elements which supplement the composition of a wedding bouquet – a necklace, wreath, as well as a flower pin for the Groom and corsages for bridesmaids.


Choose your favourite seasonal flowers or ask about the availability of your dreamed-of ones, and then give the shape of the bouquet and the execution date. You can send us your inspirations or only give a colour range which is to be used for your bouquet. 

Types of wedding bouquets


A bouquet made from flowers tightly arranged in a shape of a sphere, regular. Wide wrapping area, can be supplemented with ribbons.


Irregular, large bouquet, made from loosely arranged flowers and greenery. Delicate ribbons whose colours match the flowers supplement the bouquet. Narrow wrapping area and a short handle.


Made from one flower type. Symmetrical, in a shape of an inverted triangle. Characteristic long stems finished with narrow wrapping area.

Bidermayer irregular

Flowers arranged in a shape of a sphere, some of them loosely protruding. More free-form character of a bouquet. Wrapping can be finished with a ribbon to the very end of the stems.


Romantic, poetic bouquet with falling flowers or plants such as jasmine, ivy, honeysuckle. Many types of flowers, with a short handle.

Multi-flower sheaf

A bouquet of a more irregular shape, made from many types of flowers. Long stems decorated with ribbons in the colour of the flowers.