The Farm


The farm is undoubtedly the core of our business. It has existed since 2014 and is located next to the family farm owned by Łukasz's parents, about 35 km from Poznań. It occupies an area of 5,000 m2 and the plants growing on it are grown organically, on compost, without the use of any chemicals.

When we decided to create this place we dreamed of providing our customers with flowers that would delight everyone with their beauty and durability. The flower (or, more specifically, the blossom) that inspired us to take this bold step has been the dahlia of which we currently grow almost 200 varieties. Moreover, during the season you can admire about 150 varieties of garden roses, 50 varieties of peonies, 50 species of annual plants and many perennials.

Part of the area is dedicated to a spacious vegetable garden where we grow, among other things, carrots, celery, potatoes, beetroot, courgettes, pumpkins and tomatoes. Last year we also decided to sow a flower meadow, which is an excellent habitat for butterflies, wild bees, bumblebees and other pollinators.

Our goal of producing and being able to share the finest flowers has been achieved, and thanks to the interest and support of our Fans and Friends, today the farm is so much more. In 2018, in the building of an old brick barn, we opened the K&M Academy. During the courses which we organise, florists and flower lovers can get an insight into our aesthetics and develop their skills of creating bouquets and plant compositions. In addition to practical knowledge, we provide our guests with plenty of theoretical information about form and colour, as well as many interesting facts and inspirations from the world of art and photography.

Wyjątkowym momentem roku jest dla nas ludowe święto Matki Boskiej Zielnej. To właśnie wtedy otwieramy przed Wami szeroko nasze drzwi i zapraszamy do dwudniowej, letniej celebracji. Jest to czas, w którym podkreślamy, że stworzone przez nas miejsce to nie przemysłowa uprawa kwiatów. To funkcjonalny ogród, przyjazny wspólnemu spędzaniu radosnego czasu i kontemplowaniu. W roku 2021 spotkamy się 15 sierpnia – oprowadzimy Was po farmie, odpowiemy na wszystkie pytania i wypijemy lemoniadę w cieniu drzew naszego sadu.

The Flowers and Miut Farm is a place for all those who share our vision of life and promote ideas consistent with our values. How can you enjoy the place?

  • From May to October, we make it possible to buy cut flowers not only in our florist shop but also directly at the farm.
  • During the season, we allow you to purchase a monthly subscription for flowers, vegetables and preserves.
  • We make the farm area available for an agreed fee for wedding shoots, marketing shoots and film sets.
  • The Farm is a creative space! If you are an author of creative workshops/ training events and would like to organize them in s unique setting – get in touch with us! We will be happy to host you and your students or trainees!

The farm is evolving year by year, and this is just the beginning of our mission. In the future we want to develop another hectare of land and you can help us speed up this process. Soon in our online shop you will be able to make a donation and get in return a ticket, allowing you to take a one-time guide tour around our farm. All proceeds from the sale of the tickets will finance the purchase of unique seeds.

We are growing for you and thanks to you! Soon we will offer you even more!


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