The Flower Book – Polish Edition

The Flower Book presents basic knowledge of flowers that can be successfully grown in our climate. Over 80 floral arrangement inspirations. Over 100 types of plants described. Over 200 portrayed varieties. 80 inspiracji jak ułożyć kwiaty. Ponad 100 rodzajów opisanych roślin. Ponad 200 sportretowanych odmian.

This book is a combination of our passions and skills: sustainable gardening and love for nature, floristry and admiration for flowers, photography and appreciation for our masters, the need to create and floral arrangements ideas.

Number of pages: 360
Dimensions: 160x230

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Normalne opakowanie, Pakowanie prezentowe DZIEŃ MAMY w cenie

We share our flower shop and garden experiences.

In this book, you will find tips on how to take care of fresh flowers and keep them in a good shape. You will also learn about plant species that you can easily grow in your garden and on the terrace. We invite you to a biology lesson for beginners, where we describe the anatomy of plants and the morphology of flowers in an easy way.

Flowers are not just beautiful decorations we put in a vase or give to our loved ones on special occasions – we think about them in a more complex way.
Uczą nas wrażliwości i empatii dla natury, która teraz szczególnie potrzebuje naszego wsparcia.
They teach us sensitivity and empathy for nature - especially now that it needs our support.
They teach us sensitivity and empathy for nature - especially now that it needs our support.
It is also an art history lesson – we can look at the sunflowers with Van Gogh’s eyes, and arrange still life inspired by Dutch painters.

50% dochodu ze sprzedaży książki przeznaczymy na rozwój naszej farmy.

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