New Florist’s Set

New Florist’s Set is a collection of tools necessary to begin your journey with flowers at home.
We hope it helps you discover a new passion and enables you to develop your manual skills. Tips from our self-study book will help you how to best handle plants.

The set includes:

1. Flower knife for soft stalks (1 item)
2. Scissors for soft and hard stalks (1 pair)
3. Flower conditioner (10 packets)
4. Flower tape (2 colors – 2 items)
5. Synthetic Raphia (1 spool)
6. Bouquet Bag
7. Coated wire 0,1 mm (1 spool)
8. Bare wire 0,6 mm (1 spool)
9. Coated wire 0,6 mm · 0,9 mm (20 pieces of each size).


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