Being Gay in the Floral World | Thursd.

Thursd. is an online platform, here to inspire. We start the conversation about all things floral and beyond. Not only do we offer transparency in the entire floral chain, but this manifest in flowers is also an initiative by Thursd. to create awareness about the creative profession of being a florist and what this means in our cultural diverse world. Next week we open up the conversation about what it requires to be yourself in the floral world. Four renowned gay designer duos sat down with our Thursd. creative team and opened up about compromises, different perspectives and how they translate their creativity through flowers. Their love for flowers, for their partners and their profession, is something that unites them and all our colleague professionals in the floral world. The way this feeling outs itself may differ depending on their background, location or situation. These eight gentlemen lead the way in transparency by being open and candid about their personal experiences. Don’t miss this interview with Putnam & Putnam, Ampersand,
Kwiaty & Miut and The Wunderkammer.



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To nie tylko kwiaciarnia, to styl życia. Pracujemy według idei zrównoważonej florystyki. W naszym ONLINE STORE znajdziesz autorskie produkty stworzone przez zespół KWIATY&MIUT oraz od polskich rzemieślników i artystów. Staramy się, aby nasze produkty były naturalne oraz zgodne z filozofią życia blisko natury i sprawiedliwego handlu. Zapisz się do naszego biuletynu, aby być na bieżąco i w stałym kontakcie.